About us

Contract Worker Justice @SFU is a coalition of food service and cleaning workers, students, faculty, and other workers and community members at Simon Fraser University, including representatives from UNITEHERE Local 40, CUPE 3338, Teaching Support Staff Union, SFU Faculty Association, Graduate Student Society, Simon Fraser Student Society, and other community groups and individuals.

We came together in 2020 during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic as the pandemic not only revealed but has also intensified the unstable working conditions the cleaning and food service workers are facing.

We believe contracting out food service and cleaning staff is unfair. We believe that food service and cleaning staff are part of the SFU community. We believe there is no reason that food service and cleaning staff should receive low pay, few benefits, and no access to free tuition or school facilities. We want SFU to employ food service and cleaning workers directly. We want the University to pay them better wages, give them better benefits, and give them access to school facilities and tuition deals.

Please see our demands and principles to learn more about our campaign.

What We do

Contract Worker Justice @SFU has held rallies, co-hosted events, had speakers on panels, and held bi-lateral meetings with other organizations. We will continue to organize until our demands are met! See some photos of past actions. 


Photo credit: Enda Brophy

Photo credit: Daniel Slapcoff.

Photo credit: Daniel Slapcoff.

Photo credit: Michael YC Tseng